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One Room Blu-ray Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Queue the music.

Moka’s half of the promise may be on hold, but ours is still barreling forward. While she returned home, we got to work. The novel starring Moka Aoshima has been completed. Still, this promise won’t be finished until Moka reads our work. She may be miles away, yet she’s waiting for us. Back at the location where we first made our promise, Moka was moved to tears. The heroine she was destined to be was in her hands, although these were only words. In order to make this a reality, we’ve invited Moka to our side. It doesn’t matter how long she takes to complete her dream. As long as she’s standing beside us, then our promise shall never die. This isn’t a room for one, anymore.

Taking into account everything covered during season one, Moka is the winner. She was the only heroine among the three to join us. Yui gives her a run for her money later on, but for now it’s all about Moka. Furthermore, as I’ve always stated with these direct self-insert shows, you’re enjoyment of them is solely placed upon you. There’s plenty of anime that contains self-insert elements, though One Room makes it very direct. I personally enjoy this type of showing, but I can understand this is not for everyone. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to get creative, then you’re in for a blast. These stories allow for a lot of wiggle room for each viewer. The world is yours when it comes to self-inserting. Anyhow, ready for life with Moka? Enjoy the room for two!







Click here for the 12th webm collection.


Is there any hope for a season 3? We’ll be waiting here at, Anime Solution!

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Custom (@guest_2786)
4 years ago

Thanks. I got aroused for Yui’s route because of her kindness and cuteness.

Yumiko (@guest_2785)
4 years ago

All of season 2 has been reviewed. You can check it out here, https://animesolution.com/c

Custom (@guest_2784)
4 years ago

If you said that you wanted a season 3, then have you seen season 2? And will you post season 2?