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Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

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Accelerator has caught a lucky break. Hishigata’s download on the fly was knocked offline. Nonetheless, he only needs to buy further time. While two of the Coffins toyed with Accelerator, Misaka 10046 was brought into headquarters for a direct download. However, this left a trail for Accelerator to follow. The siblings will no longer be able to hide in the dark, but they’ve gotten what they desire. Letting Accelerator free the Sister was of little consequence at that point. Those 10,031 memories were already uploaded to the three Coffins. Still, Hishigata required more time. While two of the newly empowered Coffins played with Accelerator, Hirumi’s ascension to level 6 began. Unfortunately for Hishigata, the one person determined to end this tragedy appeared at the worst possible moment. His last standing Coffin wasn’t able to buy enough time, so he will. Before Esther could land a blow on Hirumi, he stood in her way. Even if it meant getting stabbed, he would do it again for his dare little sister. Nevertheless, that brief amount of time was the last he needed. Esther’s greatest fear has now become a reality.

After so much overwhelming evidence, it’s hard to believe Hishigata still views Hirumi as his little sister. Even after Esther said it right to his face, this fact didn’t faze him. Still, he’ll have to open his eyes sooner or later. Now that “ Hirumi” has everything she needs, he’ll be thrown aside. There’s only so much denial one can take, after all. Moreover, the end game towards this whole conflict remains the same. Hirumi may be a level 6 now, but Esther’s dagger can still put her to rest with a single blow. How hard could this be? We’ll just have to wait and see over the next few episodes. Anyhow, not everything has been revealed yet. Enjoy the end of the chase!





Click here for the 9th webm collection.


Ready for the final boss? A level 6 begins her rampage next time.

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