Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II T.V. Media Review Episode 8

There’s a full moon coming.

The secret weapon of the Ishtar Familia has allowed for the capture of Bell and Mikoto. However, their secret weapon never wanted to see this happen. Knowing full well what fate awaited Bell, Haruhime has gone against her family. Freeing both captives ensured their safety, though that’s not the only thing they secured. During Mikoto’s escape, she found out the details surrounding the Killing Stone. Needless to say, Mikoto didn’t waste a minute to confront Haruhime about this matter. If what those documents contained were true, then Haruhime’s life will soon be coming to an end. Unfortunately, Haruhime knew about this, and has long accepted her fate. Even if she wanted to escape, Ishtar always knows where she is. Those under Ishtar are forever bound to her.

What makes Haruhime so special? Well, as a Renard, her magic is unique. Only those of her kin can use this magic, but Haruhime’s magic goes above normally sighted cases. Her magic allows for a temporary boost in one’s level. Furthermore, where does the Killing Stone come into play? This particular stone has the ability to capture a Renard soul on a full moon. Once her soul is captured, then the stone will be smashed. The fragments will be distributed to members of the Ishtar Familia. Each of these members will then contain a piece of Haruhime’s magic. However, this all comes at the cost of Haruhime’s life. Once a Killing Stone is broken, there’s no coming back. Moreover, even after learning about all this, Bell is unable to act. Running off with Haruhime was never an option from the start. Still, it can’t end like this. A retreat for today doesn’t mean it’s over. A hero always rises to the occasion at the last possible moment. Anyhow, the full moon is quickly approaching. Enjoy learning the details!





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She needs a hero! The time for running will soon be at an end.

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