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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 99

by Yumiko

Escape was never an option.

While Mereoleona attempts the impossible, Asta and Zora must make a decision. They may either escape with the time Mereoleona bought them, or go back to save her. Zora believed going back was a suicide mission, but there’s no denying Asta. A rescue mission to bring Mereoleona was put together, although they must wait for the perfect opportunity. As the five elves were about to finish her off, their magic was reflected. Unfortunately, Raia isn’t letting Asta leave this time. His grimoire and swords belong to Licht. Nonetheless, as long as Mereoleona and Zora are safe, Asta will carve his own way out. These elves have yet to get a good helping of anti-magic, after all. Still, there was one thing Asta never accounted for. After being pulled back into the fray, his very own rival, Yuno, has been turned into a elf.

Before Asta was transported back in, we got to see what took place within Yuno’s group. Three of their four members were turned into elves. However, while two their members lashed out onto Mimosa, Yuno has yet to say a word. They believe he’s still waking up, but something strange is going on there. Thankfully, Asta is on the scene now. He’ll be able to help Mimosa, and see what truly is going on with his rival. Moreover, episode 99 should have been Mereoleona’s greatest moment, though I can’t say that one with pride. Between the art and animation, it was a total let down to something that should have been epic. Let’s just hope they make it up with the 100th episode. Anyhow, the lioness never goes down. Enjoy the rescue operation!





Click here for the 99th webm collection.


Wake up, Yuno! There’s no time for idling on the 100th episode.

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