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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

It’s snowing?

While the worst is over for Lord El-Melloi II, there’s been a strange development surrounding Rail Zeppelin. At the center of the Forest of Einnashe, a seedling has given birth to a Child of Einnashe. A vampiric forests has forcefully rerouted the train. Unable to go any further, everyone aboard was given a choice. Lock themselves away until further notice, or help fight back. Unfortunately, the first attempt to break free went less than desirable. Three mages were devoured by the forest. Now, with the weather growing worse, and little help available, it appeared the auction would have to be canceled. Still, there are a few who can’t let that happen. Gray, Yvette, Karabo, and the unexpected arrival, Melvin, have banded together. Their goal was to restore the main leylines, though the forest isn’t the only thing they have to worry about. Hephaestion has engaged Gray for another round. If their battle isn’t decided soon, then Gray may be left behind. Once the train is operational, there’s not a moment to waste.

Dealing with the bump in the road was only a minor part. The case surrounding Trisha has progressed. Kairi met with an old friend to talk about a murder spree from seven years ago. However, these weren’t any ordinary murders. The victims were all holders of Mystic Eyes, and were slain in the same fashion as Trisha. While information on this case was swept under the rug, there was another individual that sought after the same information. Not too long ago, Trisha also inquired Kairi’s friend. Furthermore, Trisha’s head was found. Olga discovered a hidden space within her room, although she wasn’t alone. Adashino has been watching her, and thanked her for finding the head. Lastly, the mystery behind Hephaestion appearance was touched upon. If she truly is a Servant, then this means two things. First, Iskandar’s mantle was stolen to summon her, and there may be a Master on board. Anyhow, the battle between Hephaestion and Gray has yet to be decided. Enjoy the snow!





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How long do you plan to sleep, Waver? This case can’t be solved without its star.

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