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Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 22

by Yumiko

Are there good demons out there?

Tanjirou’s trial is only moments away from beginning. Before the Master’s arrival, the Nine Pillars requested Tanjirou’s story. Everything that happened during the last 2 years was put forward, yet most were indifferent to his tale. Some even wanted to see the siblings executed immediately, and one took it upon himself to do it. Fortunately, no one touches Nezuko without a fight. The Wind Pillar, Sanemi Shinazugawa, will never forget Tanjirou’s headbutt. Consequently, he’ll have no time to retaliate. The Master of the Demon Slayer Crops arrived to hand out his verdict. Nezuko and Tanjirou are to be a special exception to the rule. While several reasons were handed out to spare them, it ultimately came down to their connection to Muzan. A rare chance to bait out the enemy leader is possible with these two by their side. Still, Sanemi can not accept a demon working alongside Demon Slayers. Everyone among the Pillars has suffered greatly due to demons, and he’ll prove Nezuko is no different from her kin. His blood has been spilled before her, but will she bite?

Episode 22 introductions several new faces. Some of these characters are more important than others, but getting to know them isn’t the point of this episode. It’s all a show to see if Nezuko is truly different from the other demons. If three people are willing to commit ritual suicide for her, then there’s gotta be something unique here. Moreover, we’ll get to know the Master and the other Pillars in future seasons. The biggest thing to remember is their faces. This goes especially for the Master. That illness of his isn’t normal to say the least. Anyhow, everything is on the line. Enjoy meeting the top 9!





Click here for the 22nd webm collection.


Care for a drink? Nezuko’s test of resolve will be determined next time.

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