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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

How could this be?

An investigation into Trisha’s murder has begun. Karabo and Lord El-Melloi II performed a examination of the body, though little turned up. The only facts established were, the perpetrator was after her Mystic Eyes, and they’re able to conceal themselves from time. Karabo nor Trisha were able to detect the murderer with their own Mystic Eyes. Nonetheless, looking into this murder further will have to wait another time. Lord El-Melloi II’s meeting with the thief has arrived. Together with Gray, they’ve confronted the thief, although the individual in question was quite the surprise. A Servant by the name of Hephaestion, has come to learn of the boy who once summoned her king. Unfortunately, Hephaestion felt insulted that Waver would call himself a subject of her king. An attack with Iskandar’s Noble Phantasm, Gordius Wheel, was unleashed upon him, yet they survived. This isn’t Waver’s first time fighting against a Servant, but his body has taken a heavy toll for it.

The confrontation with the supposed thief may of went south, but there’s quite a few other matters going on. Before Lord El-Melloi II’s planned meeting, he had a small chat with Adashino. Apparently, her presence on the train is to investigate the benefactor behind Gueldoa and Trevor. Those cases aren’t quite closed yet. Moreover, Kairi and Luvia have begun their investigation into the thief. After examining the scene of the clime, they strongly believe someone within Modern Magecraft Theory is in on this. Lastly, Waver’s so called best friend, Melvin, can’t believe they didn’t invite him to the fun. In order to capture Waver’s every move, he’s used his influence to get himself a special ticket to Rail Zeppelin. Looks like backup is on the way. Anyhow, Lord El-Melloi II has seen better days. Enjoy the battle atop the train!





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Will Lord El-Melloi II see another day? We’re not even half way done, so be sure to tune in for more.

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