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Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Who doesn’t want a piece of Bell?

Bell’s wild night in the Pleasure Quarter didn’t go over well with Hestia. He’s been punished, though that’s the least of his problems. The information Hermes leaked to Ishtar has placed Bell’s life in danger. After realizing his grievous error, Hermes has done two things. He’s relayed a message of warning to the Freya Familia. Freya’s pure apple may soon be taken. Additionally, he’s been watching over Bell. The Ishtar Familia wouldn’t dare make this a pubic affair. Nevertheless, keeping a set of eyes on him wouldn’t hurt. Moreover, he’ll also be helping Bell out with his newest predicament. Once Bell and Mikoto reunited, they connected the dots. Her childhood friend, Haruhime, is in fact working in the Pleasure Quarter. Unfortunately, there are several problems when it comes to saving her. First, she’s a member of the Ishtar Familia. Simply taking her would start another war for the Hestia Familia. A war they would have no chance at wining. Every familia that has ever gone up against them have fallen. Even the Guild can not touch them. Still, there’s another way Bell and Mikoto can save Haruhime. Hermes is familiar with the traditions of the Pleasure Quarter, and one of them is selling prostitutes off. If the Hestia Familia can pay up, then they can buy Haruhime’s freedom. Sadly, hitting the Dungeon to begin the money grind played against them. The Ishtar Familia have gone all out to capture Bell. Even if he’s just bait to lure out Freya, Ishtar’s plan to make him hers is underway.

While Bell’s safety hangs in the balance, there are a few other matters to focus upon. The Ishtar Familia have quite the shady background. In the past, they were accused of false reports of their power. An investigation by the Guild was done, yet nothing turned up. Somehow members of the Ishtar Familia are more powerful than they are on paper. Just how could this be? Furthermore, Hermes leaked some vital information to Bell. Originally, his visit to the Pleasure Quarter was to simply drop off a package for Ishtar. An item called the Killing Stone is now in her possession, though he couldn’t say anymore than that. It will be up to Bell to figure out the rest. Anyhow, would you pay 3 million for used goods? Enjoy the grind!





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Has he been taken? Check out Bell’s well-being next time!

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