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Date A Live Blu-ray Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

There’s no time left.

What happened in the past, their lost memories, and the consequences that followed, will have to wait another day. If Shido plans to save Kotori, then his focus can only be upon her. Still, he does not walk into this alone. From above he has the Fraxinus crew guiding him, and below 2 sealed spirits are aiding his every move. Everything has been poured into this day to ensure Kotori’s resealing. Now, while Shido understood the seriousness of this date, he did not know the full details. In order for this day to happen, Kotori had to endure pain beyond belief. It didn’t have to be this way, but going out on a date with Shido meant the world to her. It’s not often she gets alone time with her brother, after all. Nevertheless, once Shido caught wind of what was going on, he took manual control of the date. While following the data would of led to a flawless victory, it wouldn’t of felt right. Instead this will be just a date for two. Shido’s training is finally over.

The date with Kotori started off rough, but Shido’s bold move saved it. Kotori has been made aware that all his actions are coming from the heart. They’re off to the amusement park, though an unexpected guest will soon be joining them. Origami has been released from the hospital, and she’s made every minute count since then. Back at the AST base, they’ve received experimental equipment that could rival a Spirit in power. While she has been strictly forbidden from using said equipment, her eyes are dead set on it. However, that wasn’t the only thing her eyes saw back at the base. A review of the most recent battle confirmed her fears. The Spirit she believes that killed her parents is none other than Shido’s little sister, Kotori. Anyhow, ready to see the girls in their swimsuits? Enjoy the start of the final date!





Click here for the 11th webm collection.


Only one more to go for this season. Stay tuned for the final review!

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