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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

We’re going to need a lot more hands for this job.

Senkuu’s cure all plan has been established. The creation of a antibiotic is possible, though it’s going to take quite some time. Nonetheless, if they follow Senkuu’s plan carefully, then Ruri will be saved. Now, step 1 required the collection of iron sand. This was a physically demanding task even for three. Fortunately, some unexpected help showed up. The self-proclaimed useless villager, Suika, is just looking for a place she can be useful. All she ever wants to do is help others, and Senkuu won’t be turning her down. Still, even with her help, the next step required more than 4 people. Unfortunately, getting further help from the village is easier said than done. Trusting an outsider and a sorcerer is asking for to much. However, Senkuu has a plan to draw them to his side. After sending Suika on a reconnaissance mission, he’s learned of several of their desires. Among the list, food ranked highest. No one enjoys eating the same dish everyday, after all. While Senkuu is no chef, everything in cooking is grounded in science. A dish that hasn’t been served in over 3,000 years has been brought back from the brink. How does a bowl of ramen sound?

If the reactions of Senkuu’s helpers were anything to go by, then their going to love his food. Just about everything is new and exciting to the villagers. However, after spending some time with them, Senkuu has found something a bit odd. They’ve maintained tales from the past, though they’re a tad distorted. Nevertheless, the teaching of these tales comes from the village priestess, Ruri. While Senkuu initially started this operation to help his first citizen, he’s become interested in Ruri. The girl on death’s door has many stories to tell, although we’re a far ways off from learning them. Anyhow, the customers are starting to line up. Enjoy a bowl on Senkuu’s behalf!





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Feeling hungry? We’ll get into that village one way or another.

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