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Flip Flappers Blu-ray Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

It’s do or die time.

Yayaka has been given one final chance. If she does not win the next amorphous fragment, then she will be permanently replaced. However, just winning won’t be enough to confirm her loyalties. She must also physically remove the amorphous fragment from Cocona’s thigh. While she readily agreed to all this, is she truly prepared to harm her friend? Moreover, Yayaka isn’t the only one experiencing friendship tensions. Cocona and Papika had a falling out due to the Mimi situation. Papika’s continued confusion has made Cocona feel far to unconformable, although they won’t have time to talk things through. Another amorphous is up for grabs, and both sides have come for the spoils. Unfortunately, this fragment came with a defense mechanism. Cocona, Toto, and Yuyu were locked away. A cease fire was declared until they could break out, yet the same could not be said for those on the outside. Papika wanted to put everything into saving Cocona, though Yayaka was ready for a fight. Her emotions towards this mission had her going all out upon Papika. Ever since Papika’s arrival, Yayaka has been slowly losing her place. Regardless, Cocona could not stand to see her two friends fight one another. As her childhood memories with Yayaka flooded back into her mind, her emotions began to break down the trap. Still, it wasn’t Yayaka that reached out to save her, it was Papika. Nonetheless, breaking out meant the ceasefire was over. The time to prove her loyalties was at hand, the time to take back the amorphous was there, yet instead it was time to save a friend. Showing her true colors forced Toto and Yuyu to act. Yayaka is no longer one of their own, she is with the enemy.

Yayaka’s test of faith is over, and thankfully she chose wisely. Unfortunately, she had to get hurt for it. In the moment of her betrayal, her former comrades let her have it. Still, it’s not game over for her yet. Cocona and Papika brought her back to Flip Flap before the worst could happen. Furthermore, special attention should be given to the flashback during this episode. The reason for Yayaka’s internal struggle was exposed. In Cocona’s eye, their friendship was normal until recently, though that’s far from the truth. Ever since their first confrontation, Yayaka was working to keep tabs on her. However, growing up together can change one significantly. The line between work and friendship has been established, and Cocona won in the end. Lastly, the Mimi situation has had another update. Papika revealed that Mimi use to be her partner. Now, just what does that mean to Cocona? Is she merely a replacement, or is something more going on here? Anyhow, things will never be the same. Enjoy a swirl of emotions!





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Who’s Mimi? The past is catching up to us real soon.

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