Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II T.V. Media Review Episode 6

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A secret rendezvous between Chigusa and Mikoto was held, though the Hestia Familia knew something was up. Bell, Lili, and Welf were able to follow them, yet they didn’t expect their destination. Within the City of Night, Chigusa and Mikoto found themselves in dangerous waters. Unable to just stand and watch, Lili and Welf came to their aid. However, since stepping foot into the Pleasure Quarter, every lady had their eyes on Bell. Swept up in the crowds, Bell found himself alone. Fortunately for him, there was plenty company willing to spend a night with him. Among them was Aisha and her friends. Once they got their hands on him, there was no escape. Unfortunately, taking him back to their home was the wrong move. Aisha and her friends aren’t just your regular prostitutes, they’re members of the Ishtar Familia. Now, bringing back men is fine, although a prize such as Bell is desired by many. That goes double for the captain of the familia, Phryne Jamil. During the dispute of claiming Bell’s manhood, Bell was able to escape. While he didn’t get far before they noticed, he was hidden away by one of their members, but she is pure of heart.

Initially, Haruhime believed Bell to be a customer. Why else would he run into her brothel room? However, after clearing up the misunderstanding, she was happy to help Bell out. In exchange for her aid, she had a simple request. All he had to do was talk to her until dawn. The conversation between these two started off with their backgrounds. Haruhime had a complicated past. She comes from the Far East and was disowned by her family. After being kicked out from her home, she eventually found herself sold off to the Ishtar Familia. While that subject was a damper, it wasn’t the only thing they discussed. Between these two, they share a love for fairy tales. Haruhime especially enjoys stories of damsels in distress. Unfortunately, she no longer believes she has the right to read such tales. The day after she sold her body to another, Haruhime realized her dream would never become a reality. No hero saves a filthy girl. Still, Bell believes otherwise. A true hero will one day save Haruhime from her tragic fate.

Meeting and getting to know Haruhime was only a piece of the puzzle. Why did Chigusa and Mikoto enter the City of Night? Well, turns out they were searching for an old friend from the Far East. She’s a person born of nobility, and mysteriously vanished several years ago. Just who could that be? Moreover, the Goddess of the Ishtar Familia, Ishtar, has learned of some vital information from Hermes. Taking down the Freya Familia is everything to her, and a weakness of Freya’s has been exposed. Her obsession with Bell has now made him a target for capture. Anyhow, this arc has only just gotten started. Enjoy a night in the red light district!





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