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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

All aboard!

Lord El-Melloi II has assembled a group of three. Including himself, Caules and Gray have agreed to follow him into Rail Zeppelin. However, he did not expect to see so many familiar faces at the auction. Among them was Adashino, Olga-Marie Animusphere, Yvette, and Fernando. Even an individual from the Holy Church, Karabo Frampton, was invited. Nonetheless, the biggest party of interest was Olga and her assistant, Trisha. At first, they engaged Lord El-Melloi II with hostile words. Even though they are both apart of families carrying the title of Lord, the Animusphere’s had come to win. Fortunately, their tone changed later on. A side deal between Lord El-Melloi II and Olga has been struck. Olga only boarded this train due Trisha’s premonition. Using her own set of Mystic Eyes, she saw a pair of the highest tier of Mystic Eyes being sold, Rainbow Mystic Eyes. Now, both parties had initially agreed to a bidding war to push everyone else out. Few would dare to bid against two families with such high status. Unfortunately, Trisha won’t live to see if her vision was true. During a short train intermission, Trisha was decapitated.

A number of other matters are all happening at once here. While a murder has taken place, one must never forget this is a case to find out who took Waver’s treasure. Sadly, his group hasn’t been given any solid leads. Even the invitation given to him was untraceable. Although, it would appear the party that invited him has left a message. A meeting by the cargo bay at twilight has been established. Moreover, Reines has started her own investigation into who stole Iskandar’s mantle. Believing this may be a inside job, she has brought on two outside hands to aid her. They may be an unlikely team, but Kairi and Luvia are now working towards a single goal. Lastly, a secretive meeting between Adashino and Fernando was held. No words could be heard, though everything is shown for a reason. Anyhow, this auction doesn’t even start for another 3 days. Enjoy the bloody ride!





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