Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 20

Silence descends upon the mountain.

Tanjirou’s final blow just wasn’t fast enough. Rui was able to detach his own head before Tanjirou reached him. Still, Tanjirou’s efforts were not in vain. The time he bought was enough for another fighter to arrive. Giyuu has made quick work of Rui, though not in a way Tanjirou ever expected. An original Breath of Water technique has forever silenced Rui. Moreover, Rui’s sister has realized their so called family is over. There’s not a thread of hope left. Unfortunately, she’ll never make it down the mountain. Shinobu, the other Pillar summoned to the scene, has given Rui’s sister a unique death. All her lies have finally been rewarded with poison.

Rui’s family may be no more, but we’re not quite in the clear yet. All our heroes are currently in critical condition, and there’s a rule breaker among them. There is in fact one demon still on the mountain. Furthermore, some minor attention should be given to Shinobu. Among the nine Pillars, Shinobu’s way of slaying demons is truly unique. She doesn’t have the strength to slice a demons head off, although she doesn’t need it. A slice of her poisonous blade is more than enough for the job, well at least for today. Anyhow, it’s another overall victory for the Demon Slayers. Enjoy the last of the demon slayings.





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You remembered the rules, right? We’ll be facing consequences next time!

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