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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Welcome to the village?

As a thank you for saving her life, Kohaku has agreed to help Senkuu out. He needs manpower to help build his Kingdom of Science, and such power can be found at Kohaku’s village. However, before they head back, Kohaku must complete her original task. Kohaku’s older sister, Ruri, is currently in poor health. In order to help relieve some of her pain, Kohaku collects hot spring water to fill her bath. Now, normally this is a strenuous activity, though Senkuu has shown Kohaku yet again what his “sorcery” is capable of. Unfortunately, Senkuu isn’t given a warm welcome into Kohaku’s village. The two bridge guards, Kinrou and Ginrou, have strict rules to follow. All outsiders are deemed far to dangerous to let in. Still, this does not deter Senkuu. After preforming a bit of “sorcery” for the guards, an expected challenger appeared. The local village sorcerer, Chrome, refuses to be upstaged on his own turf. A battle between sorcerers was held, although he never stood a chance. Regardless, Senkuu is impressed. Even if Chrome’s science is elementary, it showed a willingness to learn in this stone world. As such, Senkuu has acquired his first piece to the Kingdom of Science. Chrome and his storage house have come under the wing of Senkuu-sensei.

Moving forward, there a number of things to keep in mind. First, Kohaku’s village is made up of 40 or so people. We won’t get to know them all personally, but the few we’ve met so far are not to be forgotten. There’s even a few more we’ll be getting to know. Moreover, one of the driving factors behind Chrome’s love for science was to help save Ruri’s life. Within his storehouse contains all sorts of minerals and herbs. While he could never figure out a cure alone, that will soon be changing. After Senkuu informed him of the past, he promised to help Chrome. Within Senkuu’s head contains 2 million years worth of human advancement, and that will be used to crate an antibiotic. Anyhow, ready to treat the infection? Enjoy life outside the village!





Click here for the 7th webm collection.


Any doctors on the floor? We’re making medicine next time!

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Yumiko (@guest_2821)
4 years ago

This show can be quite the weekly task to put together, though I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. There’s never a dull moment with Senkuu, and things are only going to get better with the villagers.

ichigoken (@guest_2820)
4 years ago

Love it thanks ?