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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Some treasures are never worth letting go.

Gray can no longer stand to be in the dark, though confronting Lord El-Melloi II about his past is easier said than done. As such, Gray meets up with Reines. If there’s anyone that understand his obsession with the Holy Grail War, then it would be her. However, Reines is only willing to share her knowledge on a single condition. Gray must accompany her on a day of shopping. Consequently, the mall they visit, Carnac, has come under new ownership. Luvia is the proud new owner, and she’s gone all out to ensure a thriving business. Nonetheless, she’ll be joining the girls in their shopping spree. During a short break from the fun, Reines tells Gray what little she knows about Waver’s past. Among the details is the Servant he summoned, Iskandar. Unfortunately, the time for idle chatter is cut short. Our three ladies have found themselves trapped in a bounded field. Now, while there is solid reasoning to capture each of them, there is no perpetrator to be found. The cause behind all this is the enchantments Luvia placed on the mall. Nevertheless, Luvia knows where the core of the problem sits. In a fashion only befitting of someone rich, she has destroyed the malfunction without a second thought.

While the mall outing was a little hectic, it was one Gray will remember. She even got a gift to help cheer up Lord El-Melloi II. Unfortunately, giving him the gift will have to wait for another time. When next they met, Lord El-Melloi II confronted her with troubling news. His greatest treasure, a piece of Iskandar’s cloak, has been taken by Rail Zeppelin. All that was left in its place was a letter of invitation. Going after his treasure is a given, but he asked Gray if she will join him. This destination is a place filled with danger. Moreover, while we don’t get a direct answer from Gray, there’s no way she’ll let him go alone. No matter where Lord El-Melloi II goes, she’ll always be there. Anyhow, we’ve hit the end of the line. Enjoy the last original case!





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