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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Rise and shine!

Dreaming of the past will have to wait for another time. Senkuu’s presence is needed more than ever in the present. Not only are his friends waiting for him, the world is doomed to Tsukasa’s whims without him. Fortunately, the revival fluid did just the trick. Senkuu has returned to his feet, yet this is where everything changes. Moving forward, Senkuu must go his own way. If Tsukasa finds out he’s still alive, then the hunt for his life will never end. However, leaving Tsukasa on his own would be far to dangerous. Taiju and Yuzuriha will be rejoining Tsukasa, although they will be infiltrating as spies for Senkuu. The secretive details were left in Yuzuriha’s care, though. All Taiju must do is act his part, and mourn for Senkuu’s death. Now, it may be years before the trio can reunite. Until Senkuu can one billion percent ensure victory over Tsukasa, he can not show his face again. Still, what’s a few years between best friends? They’ve already endured 3,700 years apart.

While Taiju and Yuzuriha move on to monitor Tsukasa’s empire, Senkuu begun his search for the individual that sent out a smoke signal. Unfortunately, that individual has gone after Tsukasa. She may not of heard their words, but she saw everything. While Tsukasa was impressed someone was able to stand up to him, he cared little for this fight. She and her people were not with Senkuu, thus they could be conquered easily at any moment. Tsukasa’s major concern was ensuring the future of his dream. As such, he trapped the girl and ran off to secure the cave. Fortunately, the scene he made was big enough to catch Senkuu’s attention. Left in the wake of Tsukasa’s destruction was a girl trapped under a tree, although she won’t be there for long. As long as she can wait a bit, Senkuu guaranteed her safety. In exchange for his help, he’s been gifted a name. Kohaku has taken quite a liking to the sorcerer before her.

Episode 6 is pretty much a good-bye for Taiju and Yuzuriha. If you enjoyed these characters, well that’s it for them. We won’t be seeing them again for a very long time. Senkuu has got a lot of work to do before they can return. Moreover, the girl Senkuu saved, Kohaku, is quite different from the four characters we’ve gotten to know. She’s part of a group of humans that were never petrified. There’s a lot of details to come from that, so we’ll save that for later. Lastly, the conflict moving forward will be between Tsukasa’s empire and Senkuu’s Kingdom of Science. If you thought we got a lot of science lessons before, then you’re in for a treat. We’ve only just gotten started. Anyhow, the mystery surrounding the Stone World will have to wait. Enjoy the start of two nations at war!





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Ready to meet a whole lot of new faces? The Kingdom of Science begins next time!

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