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Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation Blu-ray Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Hacking in progress…

Even after 3 weeks, the mystery surrounding the child that suddenly appeared remains at a stand still. All they’ve gotten out of her is a name, Peashy. Nonetheless, during those weeks, Neptune and Peashy have become quite acquainted. Their days together are filled with headbutting, but it’s all in good fun. Moreover, Lastation’s supposedly impenetrable security network had a breach. Blanc was first to report this to Noire, although the other Goddesses were not far behind. They’ve simply come to tag along, though. Now, the hacking was easily traced back. The location of the perpetrator was only a short flight away. While the four older Goddesses went ahead, another similar investigation by the younger Goddesses was taking place. Uni and Nepgear discovered someone was peeping on Noire. Tracing back that signal led them to the same location as their sisters. Regardless of who got their first, Peashy was the one to stop the hacker in his tracks. What he had been searching for, had finally been found.

Our master hacker goes by the name, Anonydeath. On the surface his hacking appeared to be a peeping attempt on Noire. However, hacking into Lastation’s satellite was for a far greater purpose. Unknown to the Goddesses, Anonydeath was hired to track down Peashy. All that hacking was for nothing in the end, though. She found his way to him. Additionally, even after being captured, he was able to contact his boss. Peashy’s whereabouts have been secured, yet what’s in store for her hasn’t been revealed. Lastly, before the credits rolled out, another sudden arrival fell before our Goddesses. Her name is Pururut, and she’s come with a rather bold claim. She’s the Goddess of Planeptune, but how could that be? Anyhow, we’ll learn more about Pururut next time. Enjoy Noire’s cosplay in the meantime!





Click here for the 6th webm collection.


There’s a plot building around Peashy. Stay tuned for further developments.

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