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Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

It’s cleanup time, but for whom?

The DA agents sent to dispose of Hasami’s body didn’t stand a chance. Between Accelerator and Huotou, they’ve struck fear into their opponents hearts. However, during the confrontation, Accelerator’s gunshot wound opened up. That moment of hesitation was enough for one of the agents to flee. While escaping, he took a civilian hostage. Unfortunately, who he took hostage has become a major cause for concern. One of the Misaka clones, 10046, has fallen into the clutches of DA. Nonetheless, Esther and Huotou were not far behind. After making sure Accelerator was given medical treatment, they caught a glimpse of the agent before he got away clean. Still, the trail behind DA was hot. Esther will be taking the lead while Accelerator recovers.

DA’s actions, motives, and failures have not gone unnoticed. Unlike most underground organizations, DA had the backing of numerous high profile sympathizers. Their sense of justice was of mutual benefit, though that’s now change. Hishigata and one of Academy City’s top leaders, Nakimoto, have made arrangements to end DA’s justice. Now, cleanup of DA must be swift. In order to clean the slate, Nakimoto has called in the Scavengers. An elite group of espers have already begun to lay waste to DA, although before they got to work, Hishigata took note of the civilian DA recently captured. It may be no Last Order, but it’s the next best thing. Anyhow, who will get to 10046 first? Enjoy the fall of DA!





Click here for the 4th webm collection.


That was no ordinary civilian. Saving 10046 takes top priority next week!

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