Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II T.V. Media Review Episode 4

What’s the price of defeat?

The War Game is upon us, and there’s not a minute to waste. The Hestia Familia has been given 3 days to complete their siege. Now, in a battle of 5 versus over a 100, they’ll have to bend the rules in their favor. A Trojan horse in the form of Lili has slipped into the enemy ranks. Poisoning their lines of communication was only just the beginning, though. Everyone will be going all out to pull attention off Bell. While they press the siege, Bell is given a direct path to Hyakinthos. If their commander falls, then the victory condition is met. There was never time for a 3 day siege, Hyakinthos and the Apollo Familia have been repaid in full. Bell has shown them that even the brightest star can fall.

Victory for the Hestia Familia means more than just keeping Bell. Hestia was promised anything she asked upon winning. For everything Apollo has put her family through, she will be not be kind. All properties belonging to the Apollo Familia have been confiscated, his familia will be disbanded, and he is to never step foot in Orario again. Apollo’s time of basking in the sun has come to an end. Moreover, the Hestia Familia moved locations. Since the Apollo Familia burned down their church, they will know live in their mansion. Additionally, Hestia has created an official emblem for her familia. Everyone will soon recognize what it looks like to rise from the bottom. Anyhow, what adventures awaits us next? Enjoy the good life!





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