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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 95

by Yumiko

Who was Licht?

500 years ago, Patry grew up in a time of change and uncertainty. Rumors of a planned attack against the Elf Tribe were growing in number. While these were just mere rumors, Patry witnessed a number of historical events. The first of these being when Licht received his grimoire. A four-leaf clover meant their leader was destined with good fortune. That good fortune of his wouldn’t take long to activate. Out of the blue, Licht saved the love of his life, and met a lifelong friend. They may have been human and royalty, yet Licht treated them all the same. The three quickly became friends, though Licht and Tetia soon became lovers. Using their friendship and love as an example, Lumiere and Licht had hoped to bring a union between their races. It wouldn’t be long before Tetia became pregnant, and Licht was set to marry the princess of the Clover Kingdom. On the day of their wedding, all the elves gathered to see their leader’s happiest day. A lasting peace between their races looked to be guaranteed, unfortunately it was not meant to be. As the wedding took place, they were surrounded by a barrier and massacred by a rain of light. Everyone except  Licht was killed. However, before Patry drew his last breath, he saw Licht cast a forbidden spell. He knew not why Licht would do such a thing, nor what he had planned, but he did know one thing. The humans they had grown to trust had betrayed them.

500 years later, Patry was reborn inside the body of William Vangeance. However, his appearance was no longer his own. The face he now wore was the elf he always admired, Licht. While two souls were housed within a single body, Patry could not use William’s grimoire. In fact, Patry never received one during his first life. The day after the wedding was to be the day he got his. Nevertheless, his second life shall reward him with the same fortune he saw 500 years ago. A four-leaf grimoire has chosen him. Blessed with the appearance of Licht, receiving a four-leaf grimoire, and being able to see the souls of his comrades, gave Patry all the signs he needed. Believing Licht had chosen him all those years ago, he moved forward with a single mission. His people would be revived at all costs. The formation of the Eye of the Midnight Sun was purely for that purpose. The mana he gathered alone enabled him to bring back 3 others, although the rest would require an immense source. Through the power that originally belonged to the elves, Patry reclaimed the magic stones. Now, all that’s left is to sacrifice the pawns to bring them all back.

A lot of information has finally been pieced together. Still, this isn’t the whole story. As we see at the start of every episode, the crowned prince, Lumiere, destroyed a great evil on that same fateful day. What truly took place won’t be revealed for quite some time, though we’ve got plenty of action to bridge the gap. The elves have officially returned to enact their revenge. Anyhow, this was what Licht wanted, right? Enjoy witnessing the past!


OP: The new opening has finally arrived.


Episode 95:




Click here for the 95th webm collection.


The past can not be fixed, but there’s a chance for the future. Can an understanding between elves and humans still be met?

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