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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

It’s all about the eyes.

Following Waletta’s death, Adashino is thoroughly convinced of Wills’s involvement. She’ll be keeping him locked up, though Waver will be allowed to continue his investigation. The storm has yet to end, after all. Now, the clue Waver was lacking will be found with a sudden attack. While Gray and Kairi were collecting resources for the investigation, they were ambushed by a Black Dog fairy. Gray’s Mystic Code easily dealt with the beast, yet Kairi couldn’t help notice one thing. The sight of her weapon struck fear into the Black Dog. Confronting Waver about this fact revealed the link he was missing. Gray and the weapon she wields are connected to King Arthur, and King Arthur’s legend has a deep connection with fairies. Nevertheless, in order to confirm everything, Waver gathers everyone for a summoning ritual. Previously, only Wills could see the female fairy that gave him warnings, but now all shall see. Trevor Pelham-Codrington was the culprit behind everything. The Marburry Workshop and Wills’s Fairy Eyes were just mere tools for Trevor. Each person murdered was used to create artificial Black Dogs. With their creation, Trevor had hoped to open a portal to the fairy realm. Unfortunately for Trevor, the fairy women who only Wills could see put a stop to his mad experiment. That same fairy women summoned by Waver confirmed all this, although there’s still one more issue. Waver’s ritual activated all of Trevor’s artificial Black Dogs. Dealing with the beasts will only be a matter of time, but closing the portal associated with them will take a great sacrifice. Wills had known from the start, his eyes were the root of the problem. Removing himself and his eyes from the realm of men, has put a stop to everything.

The case may be closed, but there’s an aftermath to all this. Adashino from Policies only became involved in this case for a single reason. Normally a mage has to be born with Mystic Eyes, though somehow Wills obtained them after birth. Going through Trevor’s research uncovered just what she was looking for, and she has shared this information with Lord El-Melloi II. The underground black market for Mystic Eyes, Rail Zeppelin, is more than just a rumor. Moreover, the official title for this show is, Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note. As you know at this point, we’ve only been covering original content, though that’s soon to change. The breadcrumbs for the real deal has been introduced. Anyhow, there goes another one. Enjoy seeing Gray unrestrained!





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We’re almost there! The cannon content is only a few skips away.

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