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Tejina-senpai T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Have you fallen for Senpai?

Another botched magic trick has left Senpai in a awkward situation. Her original intention was to just surprise Assistant-kun, but she ended up eavesdropping on him instead. Overhearing his words had her heart in a flutter. Did Assistant-kun confess to her without him knowing, or were his words completely misunderstand? In order to get to the bottom of this, Senpai has invited Assistant-kun over to talk things through. While Assistant-kun had no idea why he was invited over, she on the other hand was tripping over herself. It’s not easy bringing up the topic of love. Unfortunately, once Senpai summoned up her courage, she was crushed. Those words of affection were simply for Behemoth.

Senpai feeling crushed wasn’t the only thing going on during this episode. We had 2 segments with supporting characters this time around. Senpai’s older sister has shown she’s not afraid of teasing her sister to the utmost. Her magic trick included a skin colored suit, though it was dangerously lewd. Moreover, the chemistry club president, Madara, will be reminding us why tights are the supreme fetish. Assistant-kun truly is shameless. Anyhow, science can’t explain everything. Enjoy Senpai’s magic touch!





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Will things ever go Senpai’s way? Stick around to see the real magic.

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