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Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Just point them out!

Esther’s start with Accelerator may have been shaky, but she’s prepared to provide him with all her knowledge of DA. As long as he’s willing to help her out, she’ll always be there behind him. Unfortunately, her whereabouts of DA are quite limited. The only location she could provide was the warehouse they had kept her imprisoned. There, they found two things. The remains of a DA member, and a mecha known as Qiong Qi. Disposal of the giant robot was the only thing Accelerator cared for, although this machine will give him a run for his money. Unlike the previous one, this one had power to stand up to him. However, the man behind the machine saw little point in carrying out a fight. Hishigata has informed them that DA’s plans are on track. While the warehouse led to a dead end, there’s work to be done back at the hospital. Hitokawa Hasami, the student that was killed and used in DA’s prototype machine, won’t be able to rest without Esther’s aid. Even if they were to bury her, she would rise again. As such, Esther has performed a ritual to ensure her safe passage to the afterlife. In doing so, Esther has also placed an artificial soul inside her body. Known as the Rosenthal Third Number, Huotou, will be taking future control of Hasami’s body. Now, DA hasn’t forgotten about the evidence they left behind. Cleaning up Hasami is part of their job, yet they’ve arrived a tad late. Their disguise won’t get pass Accelerator, and soon the awakened Huotou.

Two sets of memories were shown throughout this episode. First, the audience was shown a flood of memories when Esther was talking to Hishigata. The man, the girl behind him, and Esther weren’t always enemies. In fact, there was a time they shared happy memories. Moreover, during Esther’s ritual to put Hasami to rest, Accelerator accidentally interfered. His interference allowed him to see the living memories of Hasami. Who she was and how it all ended matters little in the grand scheme. Putting a stop to DA’s so called justice is all that matters now. Anyhow, ready to see generations of Rosenthal magic at work? Enjoy resurrecting the dead!





Click here for the 3rd webm collection.


It’s nearly non-stop action after this one. Check back next week to begin the chase!

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