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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 94

by Yumiko

He promised rebirth, power, and betrayal?

Yami was unable to stop Licht from fleeing. A clean get a way means Licht has everything he needs for his plan. While nothing can be done now, Yami will at least be given a final moment with the man that gave him everything. Nevertheless, Julius can slip away peacefully knowing the Clover Kingdom is in good hands. His magic had stolen the time of so many, but in the end it saved everyone he swore to protect. Under his years of guidance, he raised a splendid generation, and the up-coming one even appears to carry his ideals. Unfortunately, there’s no coming back from this blow. His time would appear to be all up. Moreover, Licht’s promise of reincarnation and power are at hand. All that’s left is for him to place the magic stones he took from Julius. However, the promise wasn’t for everyone within his organization. Rades, Sally, and Valtos were nothing more than human tools to “ Licht”. Their lives won’t be put to waste, though. They will be used to usher in the rebirth of the elves. From all across the Clover Kingdom, elf souls have taken root inside human bodies.

There were quite a few matters be handling during this episode. While a major reveal has happened, the big question remains, and even Asta brought this up. Why are they fighting each other? Nothing has been explained properly. Unfortunately, there will be little time for talking moving forward. Now that the elves have been resurrected, they’re all fueled by revenge. Every human within the Clover Kingdom has become a target. Furthermore, among the groups that stormed the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s base, Yuno’s group found two interesting objects. A elf body resonating magic like nothing they’ve ever seen before floated before them, although next to him stood an equally curious item. A sword similar to the ones Asta wields was there, too. Anyhow, ready to see who’s been elfed? Enjoy figuring out the clues!





Click here for the 94th webm collection.


It’s an all out war now. Stay tuned for the half-awakening.

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