Miru Tights ONA Media Review Episode 12

Let’s go international!

There’s not a minute to waste. Spring break has arrived for our trio of tights. Unfortunately, agreeing upon a vacation destination is easier said than done. Not everyone has money to spend going around the world. Still, even if they have to keep the sight seeing within Japan, there’s fun to be had. As long as they have their tights, the world is theirs for the taking.

What more can be said about Miru Tights? You either love this show, or it turns you away instantly. Personally, I enjoyed just about every bit of it. There were times when the CG would make it look a tad odd, but nothing to ruin the overall experience. If you’re into tights and everything that goes along with it, then you’re in good company. Additionally, there’s no plot to get in the way of the main showing. The camera is always where it should be, on the tights. Anyhow, ready for vacation? Enjoy the tights around the world!



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