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Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Care for a drink?

While Bell trains his heart out, Hestia is split on two fronts. She must handle setting up the War Game and saving Lili. Among the two, Lili comes first. Even if Bell becomes stronger than everyone within the Apollo Familia, he won’t be able to concentrate knowing Lili is being held against her will. A frontal assault on the Soma Familia brewery is planned, though a internal struggle within the Soma Familia has been brewing. The Soma Familia God, Soma, has left complete control of the familia in the hands of Zanis. Soma’s obsession with brewing his alcohol has left the familia in a dire state. Zanis primarily uses the Soma Familia as his personal army. He only cares for relishing in all the pleasures of the world. Fortunately, not every member of the Soma Familia agrees with him. Lili’s jailer turned a blind eye when the fighting began. Now, stopping the fight between the Hestia Familia and the Soma Familia was the only thing racing through her mind. She had only returned due to Zanis’s promise of not hurting the Hestia Familia. Unfortunately, since they’ve attacked first, Lili only has one way of stopping the fight. Making a desperate plea to Soma was her only choice, although he’ll only listen to her words if she can pass his challenge. If Lili can repeat her words to stop the fight after drinking his wine, then he will personally put a stop to everything. Nevertheless, Lili isn’t the same shallow girl when she first received Soma’s blessing. She has a number of important people she cares for. Soma’s wine won’t stance a chance this time. She has personally seen an end to the feud. Additionally, she’ll make one more request of Soma, and it will be accepted. The Hestia Familia has officially gained its second child.

Handling of the War Game also took place during this episode. Before a War Game can begin, the rules must be established before the Gods. Unfortunately, everything goes against Hestia’s favor. The battleground selected will be a castle siege. Fortunately, the Hestia Familia will be allowed to play offense since they have a single known member. Still, this would be unfair if things played out like this. Due to the crowds insistence, Hestia will be allowed a single helper from a familia outside Orario. Now, she has a person in mind, but will Ryu accept? Moreover, those that accompany Bell frequently have been making moves of their own. In a castle siege, numbers have a big role to play. As such, Mikoto and Welf have both made a difficult decision. They’ve left their familias in good faith to ensure a fair fight during the War Game. Anyhow, Bell has a full squad behind him now. Enjoy assembling the team!





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The time for practice is over. It’s the War Game for us next time!

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