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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

A workshop, a grave, and a necromancer.

The head of Spiritual Evocation, Wills Pelham-Codrington, has approached Lord El-Melloi II with a case. Five years ago, Trevor Pelham-Codrington purchased wasteland, and from it he created the Marburry Workshop. Unfortunately, such a feat came with a steep cost. Due to the warped leyline it was built upon, the Marburry Workshop became unstable. Thunderstorms became frequent, and with each one it claimed the life of either a mage or civilian. The most recent storm took the life of Wills’s father, Trevor. Trevor’s death has created a problem of inheritance between the branch and head family. Additionally, if Wills were to lose this inheritance, then it would cause a problem for Bram Sophi-Ri. Bram has been recently promised a favor by Lord El-Melloi II, so taking on this case was a given. Still, Wills wasn’t able to give all the details. He’ll be revealing a number of matters as the case progresses.

Accompanying Wills to the Marburry Workshop will be a 3 person team. Lord El-Melloi II, Gray, and Reines will all be helping out. While approaching the workshop, Wills lets Lord El-Melloi II know that the head family reported everything to the Policies Department. Covering for more than dozen civilian deaths may lead to the mystic arts being revealed. Hearing that the Policies Department is involved isn’t welcomed news to Lord El-Melloi II, but if they make it their first, they won’t be able to interfere. Unfortunately, a member of the department and the Codrington family was awaiting them. Adashino from Policies was there to arrest Wills. Waletta, a member of the head family, has claimed everything happened due to Wills. Even the ability to commune with the dead was erased supposedly due to Wills’s involvement. Fortunately, Lord El-Melloi II has two things on his side. All the evidence presented by Waletta was circumstantial, and no one is leaving the worship. A thunderstorm has begun. Given the threat of the storm above them, Adashino will allow them to investigate. Still, there was one more detail Wills had yet to reveal. During each storm, a fairy appears to warn him. The involvement of fairies leads Lord El-Melloi II to believe an order of fairy knights are in on this. Nonetheless, during the night, the warning proved true. Waletta was struck and killed by lightning.

Reines tagging along wasn’t just for show. Her involvement is due to Waver’s obsession with the Holy Grail War. She’s made arrangements with Bram to see if he can help free up a spot. Moreover, Gray and Reines did some investigating of their own. Below the Marburry Workshop is a graveyard, though they weren’t the only ones down there. A somewhat familiar face came to their rescue when Reines set off a trap. Kairi Shishigou, a friend of the late Trevor, has come to lend a hand. Anyhow, this case isn’t solved yet. Enjoy following the clues!





Click here for the 4th webm collection.


Not every case can be solved in 22 minutes. Still, we’ll be closing this one out soon.

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