Sankarea Blu-ray Media Review Episode 8

Plan B!

Taking responsibly for Rea doesn’t mean just recording her every move. Part of her agreement with Chihiro included living a normal life. The freedom she could never get living under her father shall be granted, though through the form of a date. Chihiro and Rea are off to the mall for an unforgettable time. Unfortunately, they’re not alone. Rea’s father refuses to let her go. He’s hired a group to kidnap her when the opportunity arises, although things don’t go quite as planned. Kidnapping a zombie is easier said than done. Still, there’s ways of making Rea return to her father without physically forcing her. Chihiro has been taken right before Rea’s eyes.

A bit of a role reversal, though it’ll still work. It will now be up to Rea to save Chihiro. Her zombie strength was enough to take on 3 people, so what’s the worst her father could bring? Well, Danichirou is a man known for getting his way. If he has anything to say about future matters, then Chihiro isn’t walking away unscathed. Anyhow, ready for a dip with Ranko? Enjoy hanging out at the bathhouse!





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We’ll be swapping focus again next time. Nonetheless, look forward to it real soon!

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