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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Let’s negotiate!

Senkuu’s plan to create gunpowder isn’t to kill Tsukasa. He would like to discuss matters of the future further, though with leverage on his side. Nonetheless, if Tsukasa isn’t willing to cooperate, then Senkuu is willing to fight back. However, Senkuu’s creation of gunpowder came with a unintended side-effect. The ensuing smoke was seen by someone other than Tsukasa, and they’ve sent back a smoke signal in return. In order to confirm if there’s someone else really out there, they’ve poured all their efforts into keeping their smoke signal going. Unfortunately, during all that time, Tsukasa caught sight of them. While encroaching upon them, he found Yuzuriha first. Taking her as a hostage practically ensured his victory, still he needed to extract information out of Senkuu first. In exchange for Yuzuriha’s life, Senkuu has given up the formula to reviving people from their petrified states. Giving up such knowledge meant Senkuu’s life had little value. Tsukasa had everything he needed to start his ideal world, yet he was willing to give Senkuu one last chance. If he forever swore off science, then there could be a place for him in Tsukasa’s world. Sadly, abandoning science is something Senkuu would never considered. His entire life has been one long experiment to reach the stars. As such, Tsukasa will grant Senkuu a clean death. A swift jab to the neck has turned off Senkuu’s lights.

While all this was going down, Taiju was out gathering material to help keep the smoke signal going. Once he sensed something was wrong, then he returned, though he was far too late. It’ll now be up to Taiju and Yuzuriha to salvage the situation, yet what can they do without their brain? Moreover, the individual sending back smoke signals was shown during this episode. There’s not too much to say about her right now, but we’ll be seeing her a lot in the future. Anyhow, has Senkuu truly sacrificed himself? Enjoy Senkuu’s “final” moments!





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Will science find a way? Stay tuned for an uncertain future.

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