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Date A Live Blu-ray Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Who was your first, Shido?

After seeing what Kurumi and Mana were capable of, Shido’s faith has been shaken. The blood they both so easily spilled can never be erased. Saving the Hermit and the Princess was one thing, but Shido did not sign up for a bloody nightmare. Nonetheless, those around shido won’t allow him to give up. Kotori especially won’t let him back away. Without Shido, every Spirit out there would face certain death. While Kotori took a hard stance with Shido, Tohka was the one to help restore his faith. Once she found out about everything that went on, she’ll be taking Shido on a late night date. However, this isn’t just any date, it’s a repeat of their first date together. At the end of the night, Tohka reminds Shido of one important fact. Without him, she too could of fallen down a bloody path. It was through Shido’s kindness, that she’s able to live the life she has now.

The following day, Shido was ready to face Kurumi once more. Without a hint of fear in his heart, he’s made a declaration to her. As long as he stands, she will be saved. While Kurumi cherished his words, she’ll be making a power play of her own. Knowing there’s little time left to consume Shido, she’s taken everyone at the school hostage. Unfortunately, Kurumi did not foresee a number of situations. Those words Shido said to her rang true. By using just his words, Shido ensured everyone’s safety. Nevertheless, the true nightmare behind Kurumi is always watching. Sensing weakness in the version presented before Shido, her true-self will be taking the stage. Fortunately, the time Shido bought allowed for his allies to reach his side. They’ll be showing up one after another, yet Kurumi isn’t playing around anymore. Once all the combatants were brought to their knees, she was ready to end it all. However, there’s one more Spirit always watching over Shido. The very first Spirit that he sealed, Kotori, will be taking over the fight from here.

Kotori’s reveal as the Flame Spirit answers two important questions. First, Shido’s ability to heal is finally answered. He wasn’t healing by God’s grace, after all. Moreover, Origami believes she’s found the one. The Spirit who killed her parents right before her eyes, Shido’s own little sister, Kotori, shall pay. Still, she’ll have to survive the bind she’s currently in. A duel between time and fire has yet to be decided. Anyhow, who’s the best little sister now? Enjoy Efreet’s reawakening!





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This fight has only just gotten started. Experience a taste of flames next time!

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Yumiko (@guest_2870)
4 years ago

Although this is a late update, the very first stitch in this post has been fixed.