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Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Who needs recovery time?

Trouble has once again found its way to Accelerator’s door step. A mysterious girl has presented him a picture of Last Order, and asked him a simple question; “Where is this girl?”. Unfortunately, Accelerator had the world on mute. Before he could bother to give her a moment, her pursuers busted in. She was quickly taken into custody, though the picture she presented was left behind. Once the commotion had died down, Accelerator took note of the picture. Now, he had a question of his own. Why did this girl have a picture of Last Order? Well, in order to find out that answer, he’ll have to go retrieve her. The group that took her claimed to be Antiskill, but after confronting them they were far from it. Nonetheless, DA has come heavily equipped to deal with any situation. If anyone gets in the way of their justice, then they won’t hesitate to fire. Sadly for them, they didn’t come equipped to deal with the strongest level 5.

During the fight between Accelerator and DA, the girl they captured was able to escape. Estelle Rosenthal would later return to Accelerator’s hospital room. After witnessing his power firsthand, she’s formally requested his aid. However, Accelerator only wants answers, and he wants them quick. Loosening up her tongue revealed everything he needed to know. There’s an underground organization after Last Order, and this is all Estelle’s fault. As such, he’ll being sparing Estelle’s life in exchange for her help. All she needs to do is point him in the right direction.

There’s a lot more going on if you look away from Accelerator’s perspective. As this story unfolds, you’ll see that this is really Estelle’s story. Sharing her family’s magic with the wrong guy really put the world in danger. The powers of necromancy in the wrong hands can cause all sorts of untold destruction. We’ve already seen a piece of it during the fight between Accelerator and DA. The weapon DA unleashed upon Accelerator was only possible due to Estelle’s help. If they get their hands on Last Order, then there’s no telling what will happen. Anyhow, this is only just the beginning. Enjoy meeting the new heroine!







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There’s a lot more to this story. We’ve got plenty to learn over the coming weeks!

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