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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

It’s always about the Root.

Lord El-Melloi hasn’t been quite himself lately. Ever since his favorite café had to close due to electrical problems, he’s been without a place to work in peace. However, he won’t be simply waiting it out. He’s gone to investigate the electrical problem himself, and he’s found a string of suspicious activity. Following a trail underground led Lord El-Melloi to a mage’s workshop. Unfortunately, a sudden attack put him out of commission. Going alone may not have been the best call, but his students are never far behind. After being alerted by the shop owner, they’ve come to back him up. Svin will be taking Waver back to be treated, though Gray and Flat will stay behind to continue the investigation. As the duo pressed forward, they encountered the same beast the attacked Lord El-Melloi, yet the results won’t be the same. Gray’s Mystic Code made short work of the electrical bunny. Additionally, upon its defeat, it revealed Gurdoa Davenant’s workshop. Another mage hellbent on finding the Root was leaving behind clues left and right. Still, a modern mage should know better. Stealing electricity that can be traced and taking lives is no longer tolerated. Before a battle between both sides broke out, Lord El-Melloi returns with documentation that will force Gurdoa to surrender. Stripped of everything by the Mage’s Association, he no longer had the will to fight back.

Episode 3 features a number of characters from other works within the Fate universe. Among them, Luvia was the one to pay attention to. She had originally come to attend one of Lord El-Melloi’s lectures, though made a side deal with Reines while visiting. She’s done a small investigation of her own upon the upcoming Fuyuki Holy Grail War. In accordance with the current rules, two spots are reserved for the Mage Association. Waver had an eye on one of those spots, although he’ll be ushered unfortunate news after today’s case. Luvia has personally reported to him that both spots have been filled. Anyhow, where we go from here is anyone’s guess. Enjoy another original case with Waver and the students!





Click here for the 3rd webm collection.


Solving cases in 22 minutes is our game for now. Join us for another one next Sunday!

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