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Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 16

by Yumiko

It’s not always about being first.

Trust and teamwork is only way they’ll make it through the night. As such, leaving behind a fellow demon slayer to hold the line is a must. Until the puppeteer is beheaded, no one is safe to roam around. Still, further in another line of puppets awaited Inosuke and Tanjirou. This new group presented a new danger. The closer they got to the puppeteer, the greater their control was. Regardless, the puppets have an easily exploitable weakness. Tangling their threads will permanently put them out of commission. Unfortunately, the demon behind this still had one last card to play. Her strongest puppet will force Inosuke and Tanjirou to combine their techniques. Nonetheless, a puppet without a head stands no chance against teamwork. After beating the puppeteer’s strongest minion, Tanjirou will go in for the finishing blow. Up from above, he’s offered the demon a clean death, and it has been graciously accepted.

Among the 5 demons that control this mountain, Mother was first to bite the dust. However, before fading away, she left behind a warning for Tanjirou. One of Muzan’s top 12 resides on the mountain. Moreover, Mother’s acceptance of death was unlike anything we’ve seen thus far. A glimpse into her family life showed us that things were far from perfect. The “family” of demons controlling this mountain are hardly working as one. Anyhow, the best of this night is still a ways off. Enjoy the first demon beheading on Mount Natagumo!





Click here for the 16th webm collection.


One spider down, 4 more to go. Father won’t be happy about today’s results.

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