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Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko


Taking no for an answer is something Apollo never accepts. He always gets his way one way or another. Bell will be his even with Hestia turning down the challenge for a War Game. On the following day, the Hestia Familia walks out to fire. Surrounded by Apollo’s children, Bell and Hestia make a run for the Guild. Unfortunately, no matter where they turn, there’s people after them. Making it to safe haven was never going to happen once Hyakinthos showed up. He’ll be giving Bell more than a bloody nose this time, though he won’t get to unleash his full anger. Word of war in the streets has reached nearly everyone, and that includes Bell’s friends. They’ll be showing up one after another to help Bell get away. Still, hiding for a moment won’t deter the Apollo Familia. They no not what defeat looks like. As such, Bell and Hestia and left with two choices. They can either flee together or fight back. Ultimately, there was only ever one choice. Even if they left town, Apollo would chase them to the ends of the Earth. Confronting Apollo and accepting his challenge is the only way for this day to end. Fortunately, he was more than happy to see Hestia at his front door. The War Game has been formally accepted by both parties.

During the attack on the Hestia Familia, there were a number of people not apart of the Apollo Familia helping out. Another faction known as the Soma Familia has been aiding the Apollo Familia. Consequently, this is the family that Lili belongs to. She has no love for how things are currently ran within the Soma Familia, but that doesn’t mean they’ve let her go. The captain of the Soma Familia, Zanis Lustra, has a way of making those under him obey. Lili has been forcefully removed from the field, though her friends aren’t going to leave her behind. Moving forward the Hestia Familia will be breaking into two paths. Hestia and Welf will work on finding Lili, and Bell will be training non-stop. If they are to win the upcoming War Game, their efforts can not be focused upon a single spot. Bell must be stronger than everyone who attacked him. Anyhow, ready to train under the Sword Princess? Enjoy the glove slap!







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We’ve got some training to do! Check back next Monday to see our progress.

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Yumiko (@guest_2878)
4 years ago

I believe that’s what they were going for with this episode. Apollo does what ever it takes to get his way, and that includes blood in the streets.

Custom (@guest_2877)
4 years ago

It’s like an all-out war in this episode.