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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

There’s no time to confess!

A line in the sand has been drawn, though Senkuu still holds an advantage. Tsukasa can flex all the muscles in the world, but he can’t free the youth without Senkuu’s help. Unfortunately, Taiju could not contain his excitement. When enough of the miracle liquid was produced for Yuzuriha, he yelled it out right in front of Tsukasa. Regardless, Senkuu will use this to his advantage. He’ll be baiting Tsukasa to the cave while they free Yuzuriha. Once Yuzuriha was free, Senkuu informed them of everything going on. The threat Tsukasa presents must be dealt with, still he’ll give them options. They can either flee together or fight back. Well, there was only ever one choice. A confrontation between both sides is held, although things go south fast. Tsukasa’s title as the strongest high schooler isn’t just for show. He’s supposedly put Taiju out of commission for days, and caught Senkuu’s crossbow arrow. Proving they yield no threat to him, Tsukasa leaves to continue his purge. They won’t leave their friend behind for days, right? However, Senkuu hasn’t given up. Taiju will fight through the pain while the trio go on a expedition. Their goal to Hakone will be a race against time. Will they recreate one of sciences greatest weapons, or will Tsukasa catch up to them first?

The journey to Hakone may be a long one for some, but it yielded some rather interesting knowledge. Those that break free from petrifaction always have cracks left behind on their skin. This can be easily seen on all 4 awoken characters, though there’s another trait some of them have. As seen with Yuzuriha during this episode, part of her foot was still encased in stone. Further usage of the miracle liquid can break it, yet that wasn’t the reason this scene was shown. There’s a trump card to be used out of this. Anyhow, only a gun can stop Tsukasa now. Enjoy mining sulfur by the hot springs!





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They’ve only got one shot at this. So, be sure not to miss next week!

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