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One Room Blu-ray Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Nothing lasts forever.

One final exchange of words between Natsuki and us will set the record straight. We’re the coolest Onii-chan out there. Living on our own, maintaining a job, and being a kind soul is more than what many could offer. Still, Natsuki understands that stress can get to us all. When those times arise, we can always go visit her back at home. Nonetheless, it’s time for Natsuki to start heading back, though she’ll be sure to return in the spring. She can’t leave us alone for too long, or someone else just might snatch us up.

That will sadly be it for Natsuki. Before leaving, she left us several rules to live by. We’re to be sure to eat properly, get plenty of rest, and watch our drinking habit. And the most important of them all, keep in contact with our cute little sister. She did claim to be a potential future candidate, after all. Moreover, we’ll be moving onto the childhood friend next. She’s the last heroine we’ll be sharing the one room with. Anyhow, remember to never give up. Enjoy your last day with Natsuki!







Click here for the 8th webm collection.


One more to go! Let’s get to know our childhood friend real soon.

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