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Dog Days Blu-ray Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Why go after the swords?

While both armies advance to the agreed upon stage, there were two conversations that point to where things are heading. Over on the Galette side, Gaul’s subordinates have raised a number of concerns. The area they will be fighting upon is rumored to have ghosts. No one has ever seen a ghost, but demons on the other hand are possible. Rumor has it that they’ve been popping up all over the place, though an elite squad goes around putting them back in their place. Additionally, if these supposed ghost show up, then both sides may be in trouble. The agreed upon location for their war may cause problems with their powers. Moreover, Leo has revealed why she has gone after Exceleed and Palladion. Her ability to see a glimpse of the future has made one thing clear, it’s the wielder of those weapons that will face certain death. She’s done nearly everything by the books to avert this future, yet nothing has changed. In order to save Millhiore and Cinque, the rules will have to be forsaken.

Over on the Biscotti side, they’ve made certain preparations of their own. They know not of Leo’s vision, but the sudden announcement has forced Millhiore to seek the truth. A line of bait has been left for Leo’s underhanded plans, and it has been taken. The war is merely a side attractions at this point. If Leo intends to take their Holy Swords by force, then Millhiore intends to ask her directly what is going on. Anyhow, the two hottest items on the market are heading straight for Leo. Enjoy the start of another war game!





Click here for the 8th webm collection.


Where does the war go from here? We’ll be searching for answers next time!

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