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Attack on Titan – Why It’s So Popular

by Maria Hart

Attack on Titan is the latest anime to reach feverish fandom.

The tricky thing about anime sometimes is that not many mainstream audiences will find their way to the genre. Some exceptions have been established in the past. For example, Dragon Ball Z is a huge hit with many spin-offs and fans of all ages. That show transcends different things people love about TV shows. For one, the characters are memorable and you feel for them as they try to accomplish their goals. On the other hand, the story is enticing, and the action is packed into the entire series. So, what makes Attack on Titan so popular? Let’s talk about why it will go down as a legendary show for years to come. 

Attack on Titan Season Four Anticipation

The fourth season of Attack on Titan is set to be its last. During the end of the Season Three finale that aired last week, we saw that 2020 would bring the final episodes of the series. The question for many people who don’t watch the show is why would they end it so quickly? 

The Duration of Many Anime Shows

That’s a bit of a loaded question. Plenty of anime only last a season or two, and it’s not because they’re not good. Animated shows are very hard to make. Not to mention, the Japanese version must come out first, before any dubbed voice work can be added for English versions. There are a lot of things that go into making an animated show that fans do not understand. For that reason, four seasons of really quality content like Attack on Titan is pretty phenomenal. To tell fans its the end of their favorite show though will always be tough. Some want more, but considering the arch of the show’s plot, it feels like the right time. While we’re on that note, let’s talk about a spoiler-free take on the plot of Attack on Titan.

Plot Perfection in Attack on Titan

The show is great at introducing memorable characters and developing them well. In the beginning, the heroes we root for in the newest episodes are completely different from their prior selves. It’s incredible watching them train and develop as they try to take on the Titans ruining their lives. Likewise, we see a lot of characters introduced as mentors and teachers, which helps others rise to the occasion. Any great TV show needs to have a good balance of learners and teachers, and we see it a ton in anime. As Eren and his friends learn how to be heroes, they also find real hardships and loss. It makes the plot feel thick, and the threat very real. 


Entire episodes in the show are dedicated to a single moment, and it doesn’t feel gratuitous. In fact, it helps us weigh big moments with each and every character. Because there are so many players in this show, there are a ton of different opinions and outlooks to consider. The show’s ability to balance all of these is crucial to its success.

Voice Acting All Around

A thing that fans love about Attack on Titan is the voice acting. The Japanese voice actors are top notch and make the characters really feel like they’re on another level. Likewise, the dub for Attack on Titan is flawless. Many wonder which version is best, but it always comes down to opinions. There are plenty of anime fans that only watch the Japanese voice acting with subtitles. Likewise, there are others who only watch dubs and rely on English voice acting. 


The best part of this show is that there is not a better version. The show has to succeed in putting together great voice acting for both major versions of the show. The only downfall is that the dubs for Attack on Titan are currently one month behind the Japanese version. This occurred when leakers found the plot to the show and put it up online. The third season ended last week, but there are still four episodes to come in the dubs thanks to the delay. It’s wonderful no matter how you watch it to enjoy Attack on Titan the way you want to watch it.

Lasting Impact

The Attack on Titan impact is already seen. Action anime have been growing in popularity over the past few years thanks to this show. Likewise, anime as a whole has grown more popular thanks to Netflix, which is showing the Japanese version of Attack on Titan for its subscribers. The show is going to live on for years to come as it stays on popular apps like Crunchyroll and Funimation. For now, the last season comes in 2020, so catch up now before new episodes release next year!

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Custom (@guest_2882)
4 years ago

Still, I would rather not bother with this one.

Yumiko (@guest_2881)
4 years ago

There’s a slight reset of sorts if you want to pick it back up for the final season. I personally havn’t kept up with the anime, but I’m up to date with the manga. Regardless, after a certain point you’ll need to know certain past events. Should make for a great show once it’s all out, though.

Custom (@guest_2880)
4 years ago

I never got into Attack on Titan because it was a bit too depressing. I don’t know if I want to dive back in even though the final season will be out next year.

Yumiko (@guest_2879)
4 years ago

Thanks for reaching out to me, Maria. I know this is a bit different from the norm here, but it’s great to break the mold every now and then. Moreover, AoT has certainly carried a fever like I’ve never seen before. I look forward to how people handle the final season. There just might be a grim reminder in store for some, hehe.