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Sounan Desu ka? T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Who’s the king of the island?

While the majority rest beneath the shade, Homare knows what must be done. A shelter to help regulate their body temperatures is in the works. Nonetheless, even after doing hardly any work, Asuka can’t move without any food. She’ll be accompanying Homare on a gathering mission for the shelter, though food is only thing on her mind. Eating from the wild does come with a risk. A risk Asuka will feel on her behind for quite some time. Moreover, with the shelter complete, they’ve got all the basics established. Until help arrives, everyone should be able to make it. However, Shion believes there is one more thing they need, a shower. Homare is well aware how important one’s hygiene is, thus a makeshift shower is built. Unfortunately, the vision Shion was hoping for didn’t match up to reality. Good thing there’s hardly anyone on the island. Lastly, Mutsu has learned what it takes to hunt in the ocean from Homare. There’s no shame out in the deep blue sea.

If it wasn’t obvious from day 1, Homare is clearly the king of the island. Without her, the other three wouldn’t make it pass day 4. Still, everything done here is in good spirit. There’s really no life or death situations when it comes to cute girls doing cute things. Anyhow, hermit crabs are more than just pets. Enjoy the fine dining!





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Let’s set a trap! We’re hunting for bigger game next week.

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