Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator T.V. Media Review Episode 1

Come on out, Accelerator!

Episode 1 is a reintroduction of sorts. If you’re not familiar with Accelerator, then this episode was for you. Regardless, I would recommend watching the previous installments to get a full grasp on this show. It’s not entirely necessary for the story we’ll be getting, but it will help immensely knowing where Accelerator comes from. He wasn’t always handicapped and surrounded by allies.

With the above in mind, the events contained within episode 1 are original. Nothing shown here will have any future consequences. Moreover, it’s great to see J.C.Staff still has some love for the Index series. A lot of their recent works have been rough, but after watching this episode I’m left with confidence moving forward. If they can make a original episode look this good, then we should be in for a real showing later on. Anyhow, another bottom feeder wishes to test a real villain. Enjoy saving Last Order’s cookies!




Episode 1:




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There’s no rest for the dead. The real story begins next Wednesday here at, Anime Solution!

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