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Date A Live Blu-ray Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

He couldn’t say no.

The target was just Kurumi, though Origami and Tohka had other plans in mind. Shido has found himself agreeing to 3 dates all on the same day. Kurumi, Origami, and Tohka, will each get a rotating 30 minutes with our lucky boy. Thankfully, the Fraxinus crew has always got Shido’s back. They’ll be monitoring each girl and transporting him around. However, running around and maintaining the balance between the three was never going to last. During the confusion, Shido lost track of the most important one. Kurumi has wondered off into a most unsavory situation. She may have stepped in with good intentions, but how she went about it was bloody to the end. Unfortunately, Shido caught back up to her at the worst possible time. A scene ripe with blood was presented before him. Kurumi’s true nature could no longer stay hidden. Nonetheless, it was only a matter of time before he found out. Kurumi was only entertaining this date to one day consume him, after all. Fortunately, Shido has got a guardian angel watching his back. His true little sister has come to save the day.

Episode 8 for the most part contains the best part about Date A Live, the dates! Sadly, it’s rare for these dates to ever go according to plan. They can’t make things too easy for Shido. Moreover, there’s a building fallout on the horizon. Kurumi can no longer play nice with Shido if she wants her plan to succeed. The big guns will soon be drawn. Anyhow, ready to see how one boy takes on three girls? Enjoy the visit to the lingerie shop!



ED: Another simple change for the ending.




Click here for the 8th webm collection.


There’s a test coming up. Does Shido have what it takes to seal a nightmare?

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