Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 8

Should he stay or should he go?

Ik-su has shown Yona the way forward, but he has a request before she goes. He would like Yun to accompany them on their journey. Now, this is something Yona doesn’t take lightly. The bond between Ik-su and Yun is very strong. If Yun is to join her, then Ik-su must talk to him about it. However, Yun overheard their conversation, and he doesn’t take it lightly. How could Ik-su send him away? Without him there, Ik-su will get into all types of trouble. Still, even after confronting Ik-su, Yun is torn in two. His childhood dream could finally become a reality, yet will Ik-su really be fine on his own? In order to think this through clearly, Yun has ran off to remember how their relationship began. Back when Yun had no hope or food, Ik-su was the only one to show him a kinder path. He didn’t need to steal or hurt others to survive. Teaching Yun a trade set him up for a better life, although Ik-su would soon have to get back to his travels. Yun did not wish to see him leave, but helping those in need was all Ik-su was good for. Nonetheless, he promised to one day return to see Yun. After learning about his love for reading, Ik-su wished to repay him for his hospitality. Unfortunately, the world isn’t a kind place. When Ik-su eventually returned, he only could only offer a heartfelt good-bye. Everywhere he went, the people would change upon knowing his presence. They had robbed him of everything, nevertheless, he could not depart for a hermit’s life without saying bye. It was at this moment, Yun gave up his dreams. Seeing the world and reading it riches could wait. Following Ik-su was what he desired at the time.

Yun’s dreams never left Ik-su’s thoughts. Living a life of seclusion was never one he wanted for Yun. As such, he will give Yun a proper send off this time. Ik-su has shown Yun he will be fine living on his own. Moreover, Yona has now obtained a healer for her party. She can rest assured knowing that the self proclaimed genius will support their aches and pains. Additionally, they can finally hit the road again. Hak and Yona have licked their wounds for long enough. Finding the white dragon shall be their next destination. Anyhow, it’s time to say our good-byes. Enjoy one last fall with Ik-su!





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We’re back on the road! Yona’s journey is just getting started.

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