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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken OAD Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Everybody wants a piece of Rimuru!

The majority of Rimuru’s subjects just can’t get enough of him, and that goes double for two healthy ogres. Now, being the center of attention is great at times, though there are times when Rimuru wishes to be alone. In order to accommodate both sides, he’s come up with a lasting solution. Mass produced beanbags in his image shall be made for everyone. Unfortunately, the only material that can mimic his feel is guarded by a lake monster. Regardless of the monster’s presence, it won’t stand a chance against Rimuru and friends. However, a minor mishap has caused said monster to go berserk. Shion’s cooking truly isn’t for anyone’s consumption. Nonetheless, Rimuru’s miracle healing will set things right, although not before everyone had their swimsuits dissolved.

There’s no replacement for an original. Even after obtaining the special sand and creating the beanbags, Shion and Shuna won’t let go of Rimuru. Moreover, if you’re wondering where OAD 1 is, well it’s been delayed. Once the next manga volume is released, then you’ll be seeing it here in December. Additionally, it’s great to see Rimuru and the crew again. Ever since my introduction to Tensura, I’ve been in love with it. I truly never knew how much fun a slime could be. Season 2 can’t come fast enough. Anyhow, ready to see some birthday suits? Enjoy the trip to the lake!





Click here for the 2nd OAD webm collection.


We’ll be back for the first OAD in due time. In the meantime, continue to look forward to the best here at, Anime Solution!

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