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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Who’s first?

The path to restoring humanity from their petrified states has been completed. All that’s left is to start breaking them out one by one. However, who shall be the very first one? Senkuu has no one in mind, but Taiju on the other hand has a special someone waiting. Unfortunately, breaking Yuzuriha out will have to wait. A pride of lions has tracked them to Yuzuriha’s resting area. Running appeared to be their only option, although what if they could free someone to save them? During Taiju’s travels, he found Japan’s strongest high-schooler, Tsukasa Shishiou. Freeing Tsukasa would mean Yuzuriha would have to wait for another day, yet there was little time to hesitate. Sure enough, freeing Tsukasa proved fruitful. Taking down a lion with only his fist sent the others fleeing. Additionally, Tsukasa has made a declaration after being caught up to speed. Among the trio he will be their fighter. They no longer have a thing to fear with him by their side.

Did they make the right call? Breaking Tsukasa came with numerous benefits. While Senkuu provided the brains, Taiju would be their muscle, and Tsukasa would be their unbreakable spear. Food and protection was assured with Tsukasa. However, Senkuu quickly became worry of him. The way he moved and talked did not match up with his future goal. Tsukasa wished for this new stone world to be different from the past. While he appreciated Senkuu’s work, he could not agree with bringing everyone back. Sadly, Tsukasa isn’t just a talker. He’ll be showing Senkuu how serious he is about keeping the world pure. The adults that tainted the world and wronged him numerous times should stay in the past. If it means murdering them in their petrified states, then Tsukasa won’t hesitate. Only the youth pure of heart should be free to roam the Earth.

Moving forward, everyone should keep two things in mind. First, Senkuu and Tsukasa had a conversation about family names. Senkuu believes they mean little in this world, though that might not be the case forever. Moreover, during the science portion of the episode, Senkuu pushed for the creation of calcium carbonate. He claimed there were 4 uses for it in front of Taiju, but later changed his answer to 3 in front of Tsukasa. What is the last remaining useful use of calcium carbonate? We’ll be finding that one out soon enough. Anyhow, the good times didn’t last long. Enjoy the introduction of the antagonist!







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It was inevitable. War is coming!

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