Sounan Desu ka? T.V. Media Review Episode 2

Got water?

It may be only day 2 of being stranded, but life on a deserted island takes it toll upon the human body. Without a constant source of water, they will soon wither away. As such, a hunt to find water inland has begun. Unfortunately, the nearby stream has dried up. Water can still be found here, though. It might not be the most pleasant source, yet damp soil contains the liquid they need. Fortunately, they won’t have to drink water through a sock for long. They’ve been blessed by rain, and it’s never tasted better. However, solving the water problem was only just the beginning. They’ll need a shelter to help maintain their body temperatures. Homare is ready to build, although everyone else can hardly move. Food is only thing on their minds. Nonetheless, obtaining food is a bit easier than water. Mother nature can readily provide, but can everyone stomach what she has to offer?

There’s still much left to do before life on the island can get somewhat comfortable. Building a shelter will be the top priority next time, though there’s always going to be a constant struggle for the bare necessities. Obtaining food and water has now become a everyday chore. Anyhow, a night on the sand isn’t so bad. Enjoy sleeping under the stars!





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We need shelter! Get ready to build next week.

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