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Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya Blu-ray Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

It’s just not the same.

The fallout between Illya and Miyu can be felt by everyone around them. They might not know all the details, but the mood just isn’t right. Nevertheless, friends and family will attempt to do their best. There’s no fun to be had when the stars are looking gray. Still, everything falls down upon Illya. Until she is willing to make a move, no progress can be made. As such, her first step will be letting her feelings known to Rin. This line of work just isn’t suited for her, and Rin can accept that. Unfortunately, absolving her duty didn’t fix that gnawing feeling in her heart. Without her there, Miyu would have to fight alone. Nonetheless, Miyu has overheard everything. If Illya no longer has the resolve to fight, then that’s okay. She’ll obtain the final card on her own.

While Illya pretends her fight is over, that gnawing feeling has only grown worse. It wasn’t so long ago that Illya and Miyu declared their friendship, and were closer than ever. So, being unable to face Miyu truly is hitting Illya to the core. She wants to continue her fun adventures, yet is it worth giving up her normal life? If this episode is any indicator, everyday school life can no longer sate her. Being a magical girl has always been a dream of hers, after all. Anyhow, we’ll need another one to fully fix Illya’s feelings. Enjoy everyday life!





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Can see really fight alone? The battle for the final class card begins next time!

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