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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Cat caught your tongue?

Before diving into this one, there’s a few things that should be understood first. As always a general understanding of the Fate franchise is a near must. Otherwise you’re going to be thrown right into the middle of the lore. Additionally, the story being told here plays right off of Fate/Zero. If you haven’t watched that yet, then you’re going to be missing a lot about Waver’s character. It is slightly touched upon here, though. Lastly, this show will be a mixture of anime original and source material content. We truthfully are starting right in the middle of things.

As the title somewhat suggests, this is a story about Lord El-Melloi II going around solving magical mysteries. However, before we can start solving cases, who is this Lord El-Melloi II character? In the aftermath of the 4th Holy Grail War, one of the few surviving participants, Waver, was lost and filled with guilt. With no clear future goal in sight, Waver began to travel across the globe. Eventually he found himself in Babylon, the city his former servant had once conquered in life. Unfortunately, his trip here doesn’t go as planned. He was kidnapped after being seen using magic. Thrown in a cell to be used later, he reunites with an old classmate, Melvin Weins. Without Melvin’s monetary help during their school days, Waver would of never made it to Japan. In exchange for helping him out, Melvin expected a glorious story from him once they met again. Sadly, Waver had no heroic tale to tell about his fighting days, although Melvin had something to tell him. The teacher they both shared, Lord El-Melloi, was killed during the Holy Grail War. Waver had long assumed this, yet it was much worst than he imagined. Lord El-Melloi’s death was so gruesome that his magical crest could hardly be recovered. Feeling ultimately responsible, Waver only had one thought on his mind while they escaped. Lord El-Melloi and himself may of never been on friendly terms, still he was a teacher he deeply respected. After breaking free with Melvin, Waver asked his “dare” friend for another favor. Knowing he was responsible for Kayneth’s demise, he would like pick up what Kayneth left behind. Moved by Waver’s word, Melvin agrees to help his “best” friend.

Over the next 3 years, Waver bought Lord El-Melloi’s classroom and restored his work. It was thanks to this the Lord El-Melloi title wasn’t completely tarnished. Still, while Waver was doing all this, the next successor of the Lord El-Melloi title was chosen and overburdened. Reines faced an impossible situation for someone of her age to tackle on. As such, she’s kidnapped Waver and forced him to make his motives clear. After learning all the fine details, Reines will be making good use of Waver’s guilt. In exchange for his life, he’ll be taking on the El-Melloi family debt, restoring the El-Melloi family magical crest, and most of all donning the Lord El-Melloi title. Until Reines reaches adulthood, Waver will act in her place. Now, Waver is willing to take this all on, although only if she accepts one of his demands. Feeling unworthy of sporting the same title as his respected teacher, he would like a “II” added to the end. That won’t be a problem, Onii-sama!

Episode 1 is for the most part just laying the groundwork and a series of flashbacks. The next 12 episodes should be getting us into the mystery solving part. Moreover, please note that these reviews will be typically posted on Sunday. This season has a majority of its show airing during the later half of the week. In order to accommodate everyone, things have been shuffled around accordingly. Anyhow, that’s enough reminiscing. Enjoy the buildup!





Click here for the 1st webm collection.


Enough with the introductions. Our first case shall begin next week!

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