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Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 14

by Yumiko

Family is everything!

Among all those that attended Final Selection, there was one individual that stood out from the rest. He was first to run up the mountain, then first to leave. Just like the boar he was raised from, Inosuke stops for no one. Unfortunately, that boar mentality has put Tanjirou’s little sister in danger. Unable to reason with his fellow demon slayer, he’ll have to settle this just like a boar. Today we’ve learned who has the bigger head among the two. Still, a minor defeat is nothing to Inosuke. After a quick nap he’s ready for round 2. However, Tanjirou has got a brain in his head. Some reverse psychology has helped rein in the wild beast. After paying respects for the fallen and taking care of the siblings, they’ve been issued a new mission. All 3 demon slayers have been instructed to rest.

Recovery time is welcomed news for Tanjirou and friends. Ever since hitting the road, they’ve been going non-stop. Additionally, this has given time for the three to get to know one another. A true bond of friendship has begun to form, though over broken ribs. Regardless, there’s one topic that needs to be straighten out first. Inosuke may no longer care about the demon Tanjirou carries around with him, but Zenitsu would like an explanation. Was the pain and suffering he went through for a just cause? Well, before Tanjirou could explain properly, Nezuko has come out to say hello. This only led to further misunderstandings from Zenitsu, yet it was all in good fun. Anyhow, another mission and mountain awaits. Enjoy the sweet life while it lasts!



Demon Slayer Academy: This is just a change up in the preview for what’s coming up next.




Click here for the 14th webm collection.


Don’t worry, they won’t be resting for long. We’ll be starting a new mission next week!

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