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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

You’re one billion percent going to love this!

It’s another run of the mill day at high school. Taiju is being his typical meathead self, and Senkuu is tinkering away in the lab. However, Taiju has decided today is going to be different. He’s told his best friend, Senkuu, that today will be the day he confesses to his love interest. Yuzuriha will finally hear the words he’s been holding back for 5 long years. Unfortunately, she’ll have to wait 3,700 years to hear them. On the day of Taiju’s confession, all of humanity was turned to stone. It happened in a flash, then the maddening silence began to fill the air. Nevertheless, during all that time the two friends kept their minds steady. While one focused on his love, the other counted the seconds until freedom. As the world around them reverted back to its natural state, they eventually landed inside a cave. That cave will be the key to breaking free and saving humanity.

After 3,700 years, Senkuu was the first human to beat petrification. Through the miracle liquid made from bat guano, the end of the stone age was in sight. However, while Senkuu has the brains, he couldn’t do much without some muscle behind him. It would take 6 months before Taiju broke free, though they were quick to reunite. The world they knew was completely gone, yet that doesn’t mean it’s the end. A lush world was still around to support them. Still, Senkuu didn’t simply spend those 6 months hunting and gathering. His mission is to bring back humanity from the brink through science. Taiju’s arrival did help speed up that process, though. After a year of working together, they’ve successfully brought back a sparrow. It may seem like a small feat, but this is just the beginning. Senkuu plans to bring the world back to modern times in a flash.

Before heading down to the media, there’s a few things that should be noted. First, Senkuu is the main character. These first few episodes are just a set up, and things will change drastically as time goes on. Let’s just say some humans should of stayed in their solid state. Moreover, all the science contained in this show is real. Senkuu has got some A tier luck when it comes to experimenting, but it’s all grounded in reality. Anyhow, who will be broken out next? Enjoy the stone life!




Episode 1:




Click here for the 1st webm collection.


Cracking the mystery of this new world will take some time. Join us each week until we get closer to the center.

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